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The Late Edition: November 13, 2013

by Curtis Kalin / /

Today’s Taxpayer News!

Paper Surge: After the massive tech failure of their state Obamacare exchange website, the state of Oregon has spent $4 million of taxpayer money on paper applications. As of yesterday, the state still has not successfully signed up a single person. More details at the Daily Caller.

Death Benefits: The federal government continues to pay everything from $133 million of Social Security benefits to $3.9 million for home heating and cooling costs to thousands of dead people every year. Even worse, government systems also mistakenly list the living as deceased. In one case, a Utah man had to prove he was alive by writing “I’m alive” in person at a SSA office. The Washington Post has more.

Pricey Mayoral meals: The Mayor of Hendersonville, TN is under fire for spending taxpayer money at numerous high end restaurants. In the past six years, Scott Foster has spent more than $17,000 on meals at steak houses and hotel bars. Fox 17 has more details.