Government Bytes


The Late Edition: November 11, 2013

by Curtis Kalin / /

Today’s Taxpayer News!

State website trouble: Amid the federal healthcare exchange website meltdown, the state based websites are also malfunctioning and costing taxpayers even more. An estimated $4.3 billion has been wasted in the 14 states that chose to build their own websites, including almost $1 billion from California alone. Townhall has more details.

Housing holdup: The department of Housing and Urban Development is now investigating a number of seemingly wasteful expenses by the Tampa Housing Authority. The THA spent $7 million to renovate their headquarters and tens of thousands more on travel all while claiming to not have enough funding to house the poorest citizens of Tampa. WTSP has more.

Solar Scam: A solar panel manufacturer that promised to build its plant in an Idaho town is now bankrupt after charges of fraud and racketeering were filed. The town of Pocatello spent $1.4 million to secure the land and is now out of luck. The manufacturer also received $2.2 million in federal grants. More details at the Star Advertiser.