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The Late Edition: Man in Tiger Suit Receives Taxpayer-Funded Pension

by Douglas Kellogg / /

Today's Roundup of Taxpayer News

USAToday published NTU’s estimation of resigning Representative David Wu’spension benefits. Perhaps picking the best possible time to announce aresignation and avoid media focus, Wu says he will wait until the debt ceilingagreement is passed to step aside. (if you did not get the title's reference, you are a well-adjusted human being, psychologically scarring picture here)

TheWall Street Journal and the TheHill (among many others) shed light on the various citizen groups andlobbying outfits clashing over raising the debt limit. NTU of course has backedthe “Cut, Cap, and Balance” plan and pointed out the lack of savings in Rep.Boehner’s most recent proposal.