Government Bytes


The Late Edition: June 27, 2013

by Christina Disomma / /

Today’s Taxpayer News!

NTU released an updated study today tracking President Obama’s adventures as one of America’s most-traveled presidents. Key findings include being the second-most traveled president in a single term and traveling the most in the first year of presidency.

Twelve fiscal groups, including NTU, have signed on to a letter opposing H.R. 1959, The Domestic Alternative Fuels Act of 2013, which would allow ethanol made from natural gas to be included in federally-required blending targets. 

America’s Future Foundation hosted a panel at the Cato Institute on the Marketplace Fairness Act, in which NTU’s Brandon Arnold took part. The panel determined that because of the exaggerated effect of the tax on the younger generation, young people must lead the way in defeating the tax.