Government Bytes


The Late Edition: July 8, 2013

by Christina Disomma / /

Today’s Taxpayer News!

The Washington Examiner reported that 35 million people will be pushed into poverty in the United States in the next year due to increased biofuel production, which is required by federal law. Mandating increased use of corn for biofuels means less corn on  the market for food use - which in turn causes high food prices that can cripple those already struggling.

The National Review recently featured a piece by Deroy Murdock outlining some of the more expensive (and embarrassing) recent failures of the federal government, including some input from NTU’s Pete Sepp on the IRS scandal.

US News and World Report published a piece Friday by NTU’s Pete Sepp, offering common-sense solutions for cutting the defense budget while still promoting a strong national defense.