Government Bytes


The Late Edition: December 4, 2013

by Curtis Kalin / /

Today’s Taxpayer News!

IT fail: The IRS update of the 140 million taxpayer master file to a high tech date hub has been fraught with overspending and missed deadlines costing $83 million. This system was previously heralded as “a rare federal IT success story.” More from the Fiscal Times.

Too much cheer: The city of El Paso spent $25,000 of taxpayer money on a giant holiday light display. One resident admitted, "We thought it was going to be really big but it just wasn't what we thought it was." KeyeTV has more details.

Health records waste: After the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs abandoned their efforts to build an electronic medical records system, a new report now shows that the deserted project cost taxpayers $1.1 billion. The Fiscal Times has the costly story.