Government Bytes


The Late Edition: December 3, 2013

by Curtis Kalin / /

Today’s Taxpayer News!

Security Fail: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spent $900 million during the past five years on behavior screening at airports. The GAO has now reported that the program has flagged 0.59% of passengers and of those, zero were arrested for terrorism. More at CNS News.

Drummer grants: The Department of Energy’s Inspector General is investigating the expenditure of $630,000 of stimulus funds for African drummers and a DC media firm with close ties to top DOE officials. The Free Beacon has more.

Federal IT flaws: The Obamacare website isn’t the first government website to have major IT malfunctions. Websites for the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, the FBI, and IRS have all faced significant tech hurdles in launching sites. The Fiscal Times has a full list.