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Taxing Everything under the Golden State Sun

by Lee Schalk / /

After the recent $6.2 billion tax increase, one would hope that California legislators’ thirst for tax hikes would have been satisfied. But in recent weeks, we’ve witnessed various attempts by state “leaders” to ransack their constituents’ wallets yet again – even as the Golden State struggles to stay afloat.

Nothing is safe from the mad men in Sacramento, who are now fixated on tobacco, cars, oil, soda, ammunition, grocery bags and more. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the California Legislature has never seen a tax hike or government project it didn’t like. Meanwhile, the mass exodus of taxpayers and their income continues, and health care costs are beginning to soar.

Recent Left Coast lowlights:

  • The Senate passed a monstrous $2.3 billion car tax hike (SB 11) last week.
  • The Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman hopes to pass a whopping $2 per pack cigarette tax hike this summer (despite voters rejecting a $1 per pack hike last June).
  • That same committee just gave the nod to a brand new tax on ammo purchases (SB 53).
  • Oil and soda tax hikes are expected to be pursued in January.
  • Lawmakers have been pushing for a tax on grocery bags to reach further into Californians' pockets.

These tax hikes wouldn’t just hurt car owners, smokers, firearm enthusiasts, and grocery shoppers (though that probably covers quite a few Californians). This batch of tax hikes, if enacted, would scorch all citizens and businesses in the state, especially the working class. It’s time for lawmakers to pursue fiscal responsibility (the state increased spending by 42 percent from 2000-2010) as aggressively as they are pursuing these tax increases.

Tax fighters should continue to hold the line in the Golden State and can take action by clicking HERE.