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Supreme Court Health Care Showdown: Day 1

by Nan Swift / /

President Obama’s health care law heads to the Supreme Court today for 3 days of oral arguments.  According to news reports this morning, people have been standing in line since last Friday for a chance to watch the proceedings.  Below are some great resources to help you know what to expect over the next few days and some great commentary to help think through the big questions the justices will be examining:

Audio of Oral Arguments 3/26

Transcript of Oral Arguments 3/26

Philip Klein, “Obamacare on Trial: Oral Arguments Schedule,” The Washington Examiner

George Will, “Obamacare’s Contract Problem,” The Washington Post

Representative Kevin Brady, “Obamacare Chart”

Peter Suderman, “ObamaCare’s Medicaid Expansion Is Also a Problem

Damon Root, “The 4 Best Legal Arguments Against ObamaCare”

Nick Gillespie and Meredith Bragg, “3 Reasons to End ObamaCare Before it Begins!”

Pessimistic Predictions from Both Sides of the Issue:

Howard Dean: “Supreme Court will Declare Individual Mandate Unconstitutional”

Ron Paul: “I Suspect They’re Going to Rule it Constitutional”


From President Obama’s home state:

Andrew Thomason, “Necessary but Impossible Cuts Face IL in Medicaid Spending”

Jonathan Ingram, “Medicaid Expansions Have Already Failed in Illinois”