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Interns Meet with Congressman Justin Amash

by Dan Barrett / /

Today, NTU and NTUF summer interns had a special meeting with Congressman Justin Amash who represents the Third District of Michigan for the House of Representatives. On the steps of the Capitol building, the interns were able to learn through a Q & A session the importance of transparency, bipartisanship, and using technology to your advantage. Social media, he said, is a great tool to show more people the effects of legislation and how such an attitude helps continue to build trust with his constituents. Rep. Amash emphasized the need to work in a bipartisan fashion on issues while learning to find common ground helps to avoid “political thumb wars.”

These were valuable lessons learned and it gave the NTU and NTUF interns a good introduction into the real workings of the Legislative Branch and elective politics. Thanks to Congressman Justin Amash for allowing us to meet with him!

NTU and NTUF Summer Interns Meet with Congressman Justin Amash

A special thank you goes to Hayley Alexander for making this meeting possible.

In NTU Foundation's recently released BillTally report on the First Session of the 113th Congress, researchers found that Rep. Amash proposed an $83.2 billion net annual spending cut agenda. This means that if all of the bills that he sponsored and cosponsored in 2013 were enacted, federal spending would decrease by $83.2 billion for each of the next five fiscal years. Check out Congressman Amash's line-by-line BillTally report!

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Thanks to Ian Johnson for drafting this post.