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Interns Learn Leadership and Life Skills

by Dan Barrett / /

On Thursday, NTU and Foundation interns traveled to the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia. We joined with a large group of interns from several different organizations in order to take part in the Conservative Intern Workshop. This event provided us with the opportunity to develop skills needed to start a career within the liberty movement, at the national, state, and local levels. For those still in college, these skills were addressed as they related to developing campus organizations as well as finding employment after graduation.

We spent the day listening to and asking questions about several topics, ranging from resume development to dressing for success. We also learned about how to properly manage our personal finances, create a personal brand, and network successfully. Some of the interesting tidbits of our experience included listening to the Vice President of Development, Steven Sutton, and asking questions of a recruitment panel.

Interns also received books to further their knowledge

Perhaps the most intriguing presentation for me, personally, dealt with the proper way in which to create and develop an effective resume. The presentation, entitled "A Cut Above the Rest," taught us how to effectively format our resumes and the appropriate information to include within each section so that potential employers will take notice. This was incredibly useful as I, and most likely many of the other interns in attendance, could be found guilty of committing several "faux pas" in relation to resume building. Furthermore, this particular presentation instructed us on specifically how to improve the chances that our resumes end up in the "short pile" of the mountainous collections that employers receive. All in all, "A Cut Above the Rest" helped to set the incredibly informative and practical tone for the rest of the workshop.

In regards to the Leadership Institute in general, this workshop is just one of the many events the organization hosts on a regular basis. Founded in 1979 by President Morton C. Blackwell, the Institute's mission lies in "training conservative activists, students, and leaders." To accomplish this goal, the organization engages in a multitude of activities including (but not limited to): professional development workshops, training in the establishment/development of conservative student organizations around the country, and several networking events around Washington, D.C. Indeed, the Leadership Institute excels in providing a diverse range of wonderful learning and networking opportunities for young adults.

In addition, they host a two-day Youth Leadership School at various locations around the country throughout the year. Nicknamed the "boot camp of politics," this school is an intensive training program designed to equip young adults with the tools they need "to organize and lead mass-based youth efforts for candidates and causes."

On behalf of my fellow interns, I would like to thank Intern Coordinator Jacqueline Silseth at the Leadership Institute for inviting us to this informative event. Thanks also goes to NTU's Nan Swift for making us aware of the event and of the other services provided at LI.

Thanks to Gordon Miller for writing this summary.