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Giving Thanks

by Dan Barrett / /

Happy Thanksgiving from the National Taxpayers Union Foundation!

NTU Foundation would like to thank you for your support and for spreading the word about our research. Thanks to your comments and shares online, letters to newspapers, and tax-deductable contributions, we can continue to analyze the latest proposals in Congress and shed light on what your elected officials would like to do with your hard-earned tax dollars.

NTUF researchers are VERY grateful for our members' support. We've been able to accomplish a lot this year thanks to your help:

  • Bringing Taxpayers Together: Our event in July helped celebrate the life and work of economist Milton Friedman, and offered a forum to discuss the key elements necessary for meaningful tax reform.
  • Tracking Spending Agendas: By showing what new spending was proposed in Congress, NTUF's BillTally program provides legislators, the news media, and, of course, taxpayers, with the tools and knowledge to hold Congress accountable.
  • Keeping Taxpayers Up-To-Date: NTUF is constantly getting the word out on the real facts and figures behind the bills making their way through Congress right now. Our recent study identified over $1.2 trillion in new spending that would occur if each non-duplicate bill were enacted into law. Our weekly newsletter, The Taxpayer's Tab, and other outreach efforts keep taxpayers and Congressional offices informed of the latest proposals and independent cost estimates.

Now, we need your help again. How can you help? By making a tax-deductible donation here. NTUF is able to produce timely research for policymakers and taxpayers with the help and support of Americans -- like you -- who wish to stay informed of their government's spending. We don't take government money or handouts. We rely on private citizens to help us find better ways to run the government and new ways to bring complex economic concepts down to earth.

What will your donation support? We conduct a lot of research that requires the best minds in the fields of economics, political analysis, and public policy. Here are just some of our ongoing efforts and who is on the case:

    Michael-TasselmyerPolicy Analyst Michael Tasselmyer needs your support to expand his research of how much it costs taxpayers when President Obama travels abroad. So far, he has studied what it takes to fly the President abroad as well as how often Presidents travel. However, there is still a lot to learn when it comes to finding how much his travel really costs taxpayers. Michael would use your contribution to track down the real total costs of presidential travel.

    Dan Barrett

    Research & Outreach Manager Dan Barrett recently authored a study of what spending Cory Booker plans to support as New Jersey's newest Senator. He needs your support so he will be able to examine the next election cycle and show Americans what their candidates will do with their tax dollars and our federal budget. Dan would use your contribution to track elections as they come up and deliver more line-by-line studies of more candidates.

    demian-bradyDirector of Research Demian Brady is the only researcher in Washington D.C. who has read nearly every single bill in Congress. Brady compiles all of the research done by the Foundation into the BillTally system, which gives Americans the only comprehensive look at what your Representative and Senators want to spend. He needs your help to update the BillTally database and to better integrate our findings into our website.

    As you can see, your help will go a long way towards helping us produce some of the best research and commentary on the most pressing fiscal issues facing our nation. With your $100, $50, or even $25 tax-deductable contribution, NTUF will continue to get you what you need to know when it comes to government spending.

    THANK YOU for supporting NTU Foundation. Our best research is brought to you by your gift and your encouragement.