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Congress's Motto-Fix It in Post


"We'll fix it in Post."

If that isn't already Congress's motto, it should be.  An AP story out today reports that due to a little-known provision in the health care bill that a "married couple could have an annual income of about $64,000 and still get Medicaid."  An additional 3 million people could qualify for Medicare in 2014, and that worries Medicare's chief actuary.  Others don't seem quiet so worried.  According to the story:

A spokeswoman for the Senate Finance Committee, which wrote much of the health care law, said if the situation does become a problem there's plenty of time to fix it later.

"These changes don't take effect until 2014, so we have time to review all possible cases to ensure Medicaid meets its mission of serving only the neediest Americans," said Erin Shields. 

It's one thing to digitally edit out a movie gaffe or rerecord a bit on inaudible dialogue, but wouldn't it make sense to know what the legislation that you're passing does before you pass it?  It sounds a bit naive I know, but isn't that better than having to keep correcting the goofs in post?

HT:  Demian Brady