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CPAC Caps Conference Season

by Douglas Kellogg / /

NTU & NTUF hit the two big conferences this late winter, the International Students for Liberty Conference (ISFL), and of course the granddaddy of them all, CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference – with encouraging results.

If you missed any of the action, check out our pictures on Facebook and our Instagram account, or Twitter to catch up. We also recorded a special two-part CPAC podcast from the floor, featuring six guests covering everything from digital liberty to state pension gimmicks.

After it first debuted with success at ISFL, hundreds of CPAC attendees rushed to play “Cards Against Liberty” at our booth and become NTU members. Players would finish sentences including “What keeps John Boehner up at night” and “The IRS’s next target:” with quips like “the finale of Breaking Bad”, “Obamacare”, or “Adlai Stevenson.”

In addition to the games, NTU staff educated on big issues like the President’s budget, threats of increased taxes, and how to get involved in local taxpayer activities… and Federal Affairs Manager Nan Swift even had some fun chatting with NPR.

Big government may seem to be on the march, but even with Darth Vader at the conference, the taxpayer movement is poised to strike back with your help!