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Back in the Clubhouse After Sizzling CPAC 2013!

by Douglas Kellogg / /

If you weren’t able to join National Taxpayers Union at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) recently, you may have caught some of the speeches on the main stage via C-SPAN, or seen some glimpses of the more colorful characters walking around the convention online somewhere. Yet, the real story of CPAC, however, occurred on the exhibition floor, and in panel discussions, where NTU and NTUF staff worked tirelessly for three days to spread the message of fiscal responsibility - recruiting hundreds of new members and informing a group of predominately younger conservatives of NTU's efforts. (Head to our Facebook page for more pictures!)

That does not mean there was not plenty of room for fun as NTU and NTUF offered attendees the opportunity to “take a swing at the federal budget” via a mini-golf game. As visitors tried to sink their least favorite of six spending items, NTU gained many enthusiastic new members. Soon one of the lucky players will have a chance to appear on “Speaking of Taxpayers,” NTU’s podcast which was recorded on Friday afternoon on the CPAC exhibition floor.

There was also a “bacon” sighting on the upper level, where our self-aware pork product reminded folks there was plenty of largess ready to be slashed from the federal budget.

Whether through radio interviews, attending panels, meeting with concerned citizens, or golfing (not at taxpayers’ expense), National Taxpayers Union was busy at CPAC 2013!