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A Tale of Two Tax Plans

by Lee Schalk / /

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal emerged as a taxpayer hero this week, while Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell rightly faces heavy criticism from all sides thanks to his tax hike plan unveiled Monday. Yesterday, Jindal boldly proposed a complete elimination of the Pelican State’s income and corporate taxes, a job-creating move that would keep more taxpayer dollars where they belong – in people’s wallets. These reforms would quickly give the State’s economy a boost and make Louisiana one of the most business-friendly places in the Nation.

Virginia, on the other hand, is stuck with McDonnell’s burden-shifting tax hike that attempts to address the State’s transportation financing woes. On behalf of taxpayers everywhere, the National Taxpayers Union applauds Governor Jindal for his excellent proposal and urges other governors (we’re looking at you, Gov. McDonnell) to take notes. The straightforward, transparent reforms laid out by Jindal are the stuff taxpayer heroes are made of.