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Tariffs are Taxes so Why Does Donald Trump Support Higher Taxes?

When levied on items entering a country, the tariff burden is passed along to consumers of the imported item – families and businesses – by way of higher prices.


Left-Right Coalition Calls for Reforms in NDAA Conference Report

The positions laid out below safeguard taxpayer dollars from wasteful practices and allow for greater openness in the weapons procurement process.


An Open Letter to the North Carolina House of Representatives: Support Sensible Coal Ash Policy

On behalf of NTU members in North Carolina, I urge you to vote YES on the proposed Senate Committee Substitute to House Bill 630.

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Free Trade Is a Conservative Value

He went on to reiterate his incessant "us against them" theme, but included a barrage against trade.

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Conservatives, Don't Embrace Trump's Protectionism

Given the recent Brexit results and rising protectionist sentiments across the globe, the United States now stands at a crossroads.


President Obama Visits Canada for His 47th Trip Abroad

Beyond the proposed budget increases in support of this trip's agenda, there are also additional costs for taxpayers whenever the President travels abroad.


NTU Urges Senators to Protect Taxpayers in Voting for PROMESA

While H.R. 5278 is not ideal, the urgent financial situation in Puerto Rico demands timely consideration of the strongest bill capable of enactment.


NTU Urges Pennsylvania General Assembly to Reject Tax Hikes

NTU urges all members to oppose his proposed increase in taxes on tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

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