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Repeal IPAB Before It’s Too Late!

Don’t Allow Bureaucrats to Ration Health Care.



Pros and Cons of the House Budget Resolution

An analysis of the budget blueprint recently released by the House Budget Committee.


CBO Misfires Again on Air Traffic Control Reform’s Budgetary Impact

The CBO has provided another puzzling projection on the White House's air traffic control reform proposal.

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NTU Implores Senate to Pass Obamacare Reconciliation Package

Senators should support the repeal of Obamacare as the first step towards a free market-based replacement.

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NTU Urges Support for 21st Century AIRR Act

NTU encourages Representatives to vote "Yes" on the 21st Century AIRR Act of 2017, the most significant air traffic control reform legislation in decades.


NTU Applauds Republican Study Committee’s Bold Budget Blueprint

Today, the Republican Study Committee (RSC), released a budget resolution that would reduce spending, enable passage of fundamental tax reform, and restore fiscal discipline to the federal government. The budget, authored by RSC Chairman Mark Walker (R-NC) and Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA), would cut spending by $10 trillion over ten years and achieve balance by 2023.

Press Release 

NTU Statement on Taxpayer’s Stake in Housing Finance Hearing

Statement from NTU President Pete Sepp.


Bipartisan Solutions Needed to Correct Course on the National Debt

With the national debt looming around $20 trillion, the NTUF has identified the main structural problems and has recommended policy changes as a result.


Committee Should Expedite Bipartisan IPAB Repeal

When there's an opportunity for bipartisan action on a key issue, Congress should take it!

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