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As the Burden Grows, Taxpayers’ Patience Shrinks

2017 Tax Complexity Report



GAO Calls on Congress to Mothball Navy’s New Frigate Program

Why would the U.S. Navy want to risk taxpayer dollars to buy new ships before the design or cost estimates are finalized?


FTC Leads Way on Regulatory Reforms

The opportunities for taxpayers to make new history are brighter than they have been for quite some time.


Transparency, Accountability Needed for Budget Scoring

NTUF has embarked upon a new project to establish a Taxpayers' Budget Office to serve as a watchdog of CBO's processes, scoring, and transparency.


NTU Applauds ALEC’s Rich States, Poor States Study

Rich States, Poor States is a vital tool for state lawmakers as they look at ways to increase economic growth.


Louisianans Would Lose with Drug-Pricing Plan

Louisiana public officials would be well-advised to take a cautious step back from HB 436 and SB 59.


What Does It Cost to Comply with the Tax Code?

A staggering amount of time is required to comply with our nation's complicated tax laws.

Policy Paper 

Tax Complexity 2017: As the Burden Grows, Taxpayers’ Patience Shrinks

In the time that taxpayers have been waiting for change, the Code has grown more complex and the compliance burden has increased.


Coalition Calls For Free Market Farm Bill

The undersigned organizations pledge to be active in the upcoming farm bill debate.

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