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Urge the House to Repeal Devastating Obamacare Policies



Congress Passes Permanent Ban on Internet Access Taxes

Yesterday's bipartisan vote ensures that state and local governments cannot tax Internet access, which is instrumental in maintaining the Internet's vitality.


Supreme Court Temporarily Halts EPA Power Grab

Earlier this week, the United States Supreme Court temporarily stopped implementation of the Obama administration's so-called "Clean Power Plan," (CPP) a regulation issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would dramatically increase utility bills for American consumers.

Press Release 

National Taxpayers Union Applauds Senate Passage of Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act

National Taxpayers Union applauds today's passage of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, included in H.R. 644, the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act.


President Obama's Déjà Vu Budget Recycles Deficit Spending & Tax Hikes from Previous Budgets

It is no wonder that that the House and Senate Budget Committees may be reluctant to hold hearings on the President's new budget. Not inviting the White House budget director to testify on the Administration's proposals would break a streak dating back to the 1970s. But this is largely a déjà vu document of deficit spending that repeats proposals and rosy economic assumptions offered time and again in Obama's previous budgets.

Vote Alert 

NTU Urges Senators to Vote “Yes” on Customs Bill and to Make Internet Tax Ban Permanent

NTU urges all Senators to vote "Yes" on the Conference Report to H.R. 644 and to oppose any attempts to remove a permanent ban on Internet access taxes


NTU Urges Tennessee Assembly to Reject Expansion of Government Owned Broadband Networks

On behalf of National Taxpayers Union's Tennessee members, I strongly urge you to reject SB 1134 and HB 1303.


An Open Letter to Congress: It’s Time to Modernize Air Traffic Control

As Congress prepares to craft a comprehensive FAA reauthorization package, lawmakers should explore every option to improve the nation's aviation infrastructure without burdening taxpayers.

Campaign Study 

Clinton's and Sanders' Spending-Related Proposals in the February 4th Debate

A line-by-line analysis of the candidates spending-related proposals offered by the candidates in the debate, and how much they could cost.

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