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Hillary’s Tax Plan Can’t Pay For All of Bernie’s ‘Free Stuff’

The Democratic platform is filled with promises of free stuff to every special interest group imaginable.


2016 Democratic Party Platform – Financial Services

Dodd-Frank, passed in 2010, dramatically overhauled America's financial sector, yet economic growth has been sclerotic and capital remains sidelined.

Press Mentions 

Is Hillary Clinton a Free Trader?

After resigning as Secretary of State, Clinton began preparing to run for president.

Campaign Study 

Sanders’ DNC Speech Touts Clinton’s Spending Promises

Sanders' speech touted benefits of several of Clinton's policy proposals, but many would also have a significant cost for taxpayers.


2016 Democratic Party Platform – Trade

Clinton, like Republican nominee Donald Trump, has taken an increasingly hostile view toward free trade.


2016 Democratic Party Platform – Defense Spending

Over the years, NTU has been critical of bloated Pentagon budgets and wasteful military spending.


The Presidential Candidates Should Address the Federal Debt and Dismal Budget Outlook

The national debt reached a new high this week, topping $19.4 trillion.


2016 Republican Party Platform – Free Trade

What we found was disappointing, but that's not surprising given the Party's standard bearer has made hostility to free trade a centerpiece of his campaign.

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