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America's Taxpayers

Don’t Let Congress Bring Back Earmarks

Tell your legislators the public trough is closed for business!



NTU and Free Market Coalition Urge Congress to Include Full Expensing in Tax Reform

On behalf of the undersigned organizations we write in support of immediate, full business expensing as a crucial concept in pro-growth tax reform.


Earmark Discussion Feels Like Déjà Vu All Over Again

Some Members of Congress are making a serious push to bring back earmarks, and with it, the pork barrel politics of yesteryear.


Frequent High-Risk Federal Programs Should Focus Need for Budget Reforms

According to the Government Accountability Office, a number of "high-risk" federal programs continue to ignore needed reforms.


Free Market Coalition Urges Indiana General Assembly to Reject Unconstitutional Tax Grab

An Open Letter to the Indiana House of Representatives: Reject S.B. 545's Unconstitutional Tax Grab


Debate on the Future of Obamacare

Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders squared off in Healthcare Debate over Obamacare.


Bill Would Halt New Tax Hike on Out of Pocket Medical Expenses

On behalf of the members of National Taxpayers Union, I write in support of H.R. 1051, the "Halt Tax Increases on the Middle Class and Seniors Act."


NTU Files Comments on Postal Service Reform

Pursuant to Commission Order No. 3717, NTU hereby submits these comments in response to the U.S. Postal Service's Annual Compliance Report for Fiscal Year 2016.


Free Market Organizations Urge Congress to Repeal Price Controls on Interchange Fees

Repealing the Durbin Amendment must remain a high priority.

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