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America's Taxpayers

Repeal All Obamacare Taxes Now

Obamacare includes over a dozen new or higher taxes on American families and businesses.


Press Release 

NTU Comments on the Need for Reexamination of Trade Agreements

The cost of consumer goods, productivity of American manufacturers, and international trade for U.S. products and services are in jeopardy.


Deficiencies in Reporting Prevent a Clear View of the Federal Government's Financial Health

According to a recent Government Accountability Office report, the federal government continues to lack effective financial reporting.

NTU Evaluates OMB Director Nominee Mulvaney's Voting Record

Every year we rate Representatives and Senators on their actual votes -- every vote that affects taxes, spending, and debt.


Free Market Coalition Urges Wyoming Legislature to Reject Unconstitutional Tax Scheme

An Open Letter to the Wyoming Legislature: Reject H.B. 19's Unconstitutional Tax Grab

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"Mission Creep" Leads to Costly Duplication and Ineffectiveness

Mission Creep in federal agencies and departments must be addressed in order to prevent overlap and confusion.


Latest CBO Obamacare Repeal Analysis Is Much Ado about Nothing

Government agencies publish thousands of reports each year, yet few are more meaningless than the latest Obamacare-related study released yesterday by CBO.


Free Market Groups Ask New Administration to Ease Lending Restrictions

We urge you to preserve the member business-lending rule of the National Credit Union Administration.


Coalition Urges Congress to Block Harmful Anti-Vaping Regulation

We urge you to amend the Food and Drug Administration's Deeming Rule.

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