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New Rules on Financial Data a Promising Sign for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

After working with members of Congress and those in the industries impacted, Treasury and USTR announced earlier this week that they have made significant progress toward addressing this concern going forward.


House NDAA Puts Military Bands on the Run

The House-passed NDAA legislation takes a swipe at some habitual Pentagon spending - could this make lawmakers finally question our funding priorities?


More Regressive Fee Hikes Coming to Chicago?

Approximately 14 percent of the Windy City lives in poverty, yet the city has one of the most regressive local tax burdens in the country.

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Survey: Retirees Don’t Want Their Pensions ‘Politicized’ By Anti-Fossil Fuel Crusaders

The Daily Caller - "It would be interesting to see how taxpayers, in general, view divestment of fossil fuels among public pensions."

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NTU Urges House to Support Amendments that Reduce Waste, Increase Accountability

We urge all Representatives to vote "YES" on the following limitation amendments:

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Wasteful Catfish Inspection Is Ripe for Repeal

National Taxpayers Union (NTU) applauds Senate passage of S.J. Res. 28, in first step toward potential landmark win for taxpayers.


Bipartisan Coalition: Senators Should Oppose Increases to Pentagon Budget

We write to urge you to oppose authorizing funds for the Pentagon and related agencies above the amount agreed to in the 2015 Bipartisan Budget Act (BBA).


Another Telephone Tax Hike in the Windy City?

Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, is considering raising taxes in order to shore up the city's troubled Municipal Employees and Laborers Pension Funds.

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