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NTU Ballot Guide 2016

A reference for taxpayers as they head to the ballot box.


Press Release 

NTU Releases Annual “Rates Congress” and Recognizes Taxpayer Friends

NTU rates U.S. Representatives and Senators yearly on all votes cast that affect taxpayers.


Latest Analysis Finds that Clinton’s Rate of New Spending Exceeds Her Tax Hikes by $81 Billion per Year

Clinton says she wouldn't add a penny to the debt, but on an annual rate, her new spending exceeds her tax hikes by $81 billion.


Deficits and Debt: The New Normal

Keynesian policies are stifling the economy and driving the country further into debt.

Campaign Study 

The Spending Policies in the Florida Senate Race: $122 Billion Budget Impact Separate Rubio and Murphy

NTUF's analysis of both Rubio's and Murphy's spending agendas in the Florida Senate race.

Campaign Study 

Clinton & Trump Offer Contrasting Visions on Energy Policy

The candidates hold differing views on how to improve America's energy industry.


Beyond the Rhetoric: The Cost of Toomey’s & McGinty’s Policies in the PA Senate Race

The hard numbers behind the Pennsylvania Senate candidates' policies.

Campaign Study 

Florida Senate Candidate Agenda Analysis: Patrick Murphy

NTUF analyzed the net cost of Patrick Murphy's campaign platform.

Campaign Study 

Florida Senate Candidate Agenda Analysis: Incumbent Senator Marco Rubio

NTUF analyzed the net cost of Senator Rubio's campaign platform.

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