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Open Letter to the House of Representatives: Support Efforts to Halt “Blend Wall” Threat

Congress should act quickly to pass H.R. 5180, the "Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act," eliminating the "blend wall" threat to consumers.

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Simple v. Elaborate: Comparing the Candidates Plans for Social Security

Social Security is on a path towards insolvency and the candidates' plans do little to help.

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Taxing the Rich Also Taxes the Little Guy

A reduction would benefit all of us, through stronger growth, increased productivity and higher wages.

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Madison Georgia Lawmakers Propose Business Tax Hike

Madison lawmakers are considering hiking the occupation tax's base rate, and increasing tax rates charged for hiring additional employees.


USPS Fails to Make Another Delivery

Earlier this week the Postal Service reported yet another quarterly financial loss, and once again, Americans are being forced to parse numbers.


A Victory for the Free Market: Federal Court Rebukes the FCC

At issue in the case was whether the FCC could preempt state laws restricting government-owned broadband networks (GONs).

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Trump’s Child Care Tax Break Still a Hazy Proposal, Experts Say

As with many Trump proposals, he's a little bit vague on the details.

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The High Political Drama of Obama’s Section 385 Rules

The Obama administration continues to stand firm on its misguided tax regulations, despite concerns voiced by both Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill.

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