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As the Burden Grows, Taxpayers’ Patience Shrinks

2017 Tax Complexity Report



Familiar Budget Savings Show Groundwork is Possible for Bipartisan Reform

. If political gamesmanship and parochial congressional interests can be set aside, there are areas for common ground for budget reform.

Press Release 

NTU Disappointed Durbin Amendment Repeal Pulled From CHOICE

NTU's Executive Vice President, Brandon Arnold, responded to the repeal of the Durbin amendment.


Border Adjustment and U.S. Competitiveness

House Ways and Means Committee held a hearing to discuss and debate border adjustment in tax reform.


Trump's Budget Sets Path to Balance but Must Prepare for Potential Pitfalls

NTUF looks at the promise and potential pitfalls in the President's first budget proposal.


Coalition to FDA: Don't Create Obstacles for Smokers Trying to Quit

We hope that the FDA can become a leader in smartly evaluating the risks and rewards of new technologies that can improve public health.


Coalition Rejects Medicare Part D Price-Fixing Schemes

We hope you will reject any risky tax hike scheme on prescription drugs and any efforts that would increase the cost of medical care on patients across the country.


NTU and Free-Market Coalition Urge Trump Administration to Strengthen NAFTA

We strongly urge you to continue the path toward policy liberalization and open international markets.


Securing Taxpayer Rights through Tax Reform

Beyond easing tax rates, reducing the number of brackets, and eliminating certain deductions & loopholes, there are steps that should be implemented to lock in protections for taxpayer rights.

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