Will Missouri voters be the first say “no”to Obamacare?

On August 5th, Missouri will hold a special, historic election. On the ballot will be Proposition C, also known as the Missouri Health Care Freedom Act. Referred to the voters by the Missouri Legislature, Proposition C is Missouri's response to President Obama's health care law ("Obamacare') that will substantially enlarge the size of government, raise taxes, limit choice in care, and interfere with the patient-doctor relationship. NTU has urged its members in Missouri to support Proposition C.

As we wrote to our members, "Obamacare represents the federal government's largest-ever intervention in the U.S. economy and personal health care decisions. Obamacare will require all Americans to have health insurance. Those who don't have coverage will be penalized. In the process, Obamacare will increase total federal spending by $2.6 trillion and raise taxes by half a trillion dollars over the next decade. What's more, Obamacare includes a number of hidden taxes we are only just beginning to understand and accounting gimmicks that hide its ominous cost."

But as more Americans learn about the cost of Obamacare and how it will intrude on the doctor-patient relationship, the more they say they don't want politicians in Washington making decisions about their health care. Now, we hear about lawsuits by the states against Obamacare and initiatives like Proposition C in Missouri. A "yes" vote on Proposition C will amend Missouri law to prohibit the government from punishing a citizen who doesn't buy the insurance Washington wants them to, and would uphold every American's right to pay for his or her health care directly. We hope Missouri makes history on Tuesday August 3rd by being the first state to say "no" to Obamacare and "yes" to health care freedom.