Trade Promotion Authority Heads to House After Senate Victory

In case you missed the final vote late Friday as you embarked upon the long Memorial Day weekend, the Senate convincingly passed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) 62-37. Now the measure heads to the House for “the toughest legislative battle of the year.”

The Senate vote represents a major win for taxpayers as TPA moves one step closer to being enacted. The Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty that would then make its way toward a Congressional vote would bring the U.S together with Pacific allies like Australia and Japan.

More open access to more markets for American businesses is a boon to the economy.

Though that point is getting across, there are still concerns floating in the House that are similar to those NTU has already debunked, see: “Fables and Facts: Trade Promotion Authority.”

Don’t let your Representatives fall for these overblown or inaccurate points, head to NTU’s Take Action page to urge them to pass TPA!