The Most Magical Government on Earth

Parents who dream of taking their children to Disney World but cannot afford it should look for a job within the Commerce Department so that they too could have a taxpayer funded trip to the most magical place on earth. A small department within the Commerce Department (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) used millions of taxpayer dollars to fund a conference in Disney World. The Washington Examiner reports:

“According to the information I have received, the NIST MEP most recently spent anywhere between three and five million dollars on an annual conference at a resort near Walt Disney World in Florida,” Adams wrote in a letter to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Fla., in which she requested a hearing into the matter.


So while the American Citizens are suffering due to the crushing debt, this government agency feels it is acceptable to waste millions of the taxpayers’ dollars on a lavish conference in Disney World. Apparently the federal government hasn’t gotten the point yet. Americans are tired of having their money wasted because elected officials feel that their money is expendable, and it is no wonder that the American people feel those in control are taking advantage of them.

 Why could this NIST conference not be held near their headquarters in Maryland, but must is be all the way in Orlando Florida? It shows a blatant lack of respect and total disregard for anyone of the 53 percent of Americans that pay federal income tax. The fact that at a time of $15 trillion debt and over eight percent unemployment the federal government feels it is okay to fund what is essentially a vacation for their employees with taxpayer money, then that in and of itself should be a wakeup call that Washington D.C. needs a reality check.



H/T: Washington Free Beacon