Speaker Ryan's Retirement Is A Loss For the Liberty Movement

Speaker Paul Ryan announced this morning that he will not be seeking re-election, and though the Speaker has earned a well-deserved retirement, the liberty movement will be losing one of its most effective advocates in Washington. National Taxpayers Union and its members across the country thank Speaker Ryan for the work on tax reform and addressing the size of government in his career as a legislator.

Speaker Ryan was a driving force behind the monumental tax reform legislation that has resulted in more money in the pockets of American families, lower taxes for nearly everyone at every income level, and businesses reinvesting in their workers through bonuses and capital improvements. More Americans will have jobs, and we will have a more productive economy, thanks to tax reform. Without Speaker Ryan’s leadership, it would not have been possible.

The work that Speaker Ryan has done over the years in laying the foundation to tackle out-of-control government spending cannot be understated. His Roadmap for America’s Future, Path to Prosperity, and Better Budget Plan, among others, have influenced policymaking and have seen many provisions become law. As chairman of the Budget Committee, Speaker Ryan oversaw the Budget Control Act, which passed with bipartisan support and was signed by President Obama and represented the most significant accomplishment of reining in government spending in decades.

Speaker Ryan’s illustrious career in Washington has helped Members of Congress and the general public recognize the dangers of a government that refuses to break its addiction to big government. His leadership on Capitol Hill will be missed, but the direction he has set for advocates of limited government will be felt for years to come.