NTU to Connecticut: Don't Tax Broadband

Today, NTU sent an open letter to the members of the Connecticut Legislature, urging them to oppose HB 5255. The letter reads:

"HB 5255 would raise property taxes on broadband service equipment, which is already subject to the highest property tax rate in Connecticut. Broadband providers would simply pass along the cost of this tax increase to their customers, who would in turn see higher prices for cable television, telephone service, and high-speed Internet service. Increasing taxes on struggling businesses and raising prices for consumers makes no economic sense."

"Connecticut residents already live under one of the highest state and local tax burdens in the nation. Meanwhile, the state’s total expenditures have grown by more than $3 billion over the last three years. This largesse could have closed the $371 million projected gap for the next fiscal year eight times over. The state must end its dependence upon the unhealthy prescription of higher taxes and government spending. Instead, targeted budget cuts are necessary to restore government to its proper, sustainable size, while taxes should be reformed and reduced to provide relief to overburdened Connecticut taxpayers and spur economic growth."

Let's hope that the Legislature takes this recommendation to heart, for the sake of all broadband users, small businesses, and Connecticut residents.