NTU Statement on President Trump's Tax Reform Outline

NTU Statement on President Trump’s Tax Reform Outline

"Although several fiscal and political details about the President's tax reform outline remain to be analyzed, today's announcement from the Administration has given taxpayers encouraging clarity on two vital matters. To their great credit, President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin avoided the temptation to go small and accept paltry results. Instead they are embracing a comprehensive, bold plan to reduce the complexity and uncompetitiveness of the tax system itself. In addition, the White House has now officially joined Congress in declaring its willingness to constructively engage on how key features in legislation will take shape. 

"With the House's Blueprint for a tax overhaul, the Administration's outline, and other potential plans from both parties in Congress, Washington will have ample raw material to construct a tax reform product that the American people will support and applaud. For those who recognize this historic opportunity, now is the time to get to work ... and, for those who would rather defend the status quo, now is the time to get out of the way," stated NTU President Pete Sepp.