NTU Statement on Net Neutrality Vote

Following today’s vote by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to lift ‘Title II’ regulations on broadband service and restore Internet freedom, Pete Sepp, President of National Taxpayers Union (NTU) offered the following statement in support of the agency’s action.

“On behalf of taxpayers across the country, NTU applauds the decision of the FCC to lift the heavy-handed and burdensome regulations on broadband internet service, and return to the governing approach that has ably served consumers for so many years. Rather than increasing access to an open and free internet, net neutrality rules have weakened investment and deterred innovation, resulting in higher costs for consumers. As NTU noted in comments to the FCC earlier this year, a light regulatory touch is what has provided us the internet system Americans enjoy today. Unfettered Internet access can bring about serious savings for governments, and American businesses thrive when given the freedom to innovate without undue interference.

We thank Chairman Pai for leading this effort to restore the government’s hands-off approach to the Internet. NTU strongly believes that this action will help guarantee that we have a true taxpayer- and consumer-first internet once and for all.”