NTU Praises New ALEC Study

National Taxpayers Union (NTU) would like to commend the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) Center for State Fiscal Reform for the publication of their latest study, State of the States: An Analysis of the 2015 Governors' Addresses. Written by Jonathan Williams and Theodore Lafferty, this report provides extensive details of governors' tax, budget, and pension reform proposals. In addition to the state-by-state breakdown map of each governor's proposed reforms, it highlights which state executives actually pushed for reforms to protect taxpayers. As the report notes, in the past year, 21 governors introduced some form of tax relief, whereas 16 governors planned on some type of tax increase. NTU hopes more governors will work to lower tax burdens, cut spending, and reform broken pension systems and that future iterations of ALEC’s report will help bring attention and praise to those who do.

NTU encourages members to view the full report here.