NTU-led Coalition Urges Congressional Support for the Central America Free Trade Agreement

An Open Letter to the United States Congress:

We, the undersigned taxpayer and policy groups, representing millions of Americans, strongly urge you to vote in support of the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).

The vote on this measure will pit benefits for American consumers and taxpayers against benefits for narrow special interests, who simply want to maintain their current government-sanctioned privileges.  For American consumers, CAFTA will mean lower prices on a great variety of goods.  Further, tariffs are taxes, and by reducing tariffs, Congress will help provide tax relief.  Clearly, if CAFTA wins, American consumers and taxpayers will win.

But American businesses and workers also will win.  According to an econometric analysis conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, CAFTA will expand U.S. sales to the area by $3.9 billion and create a net gain of 26,000 new jobs.  Breaking down artificial trade barriers will mean some change and dislocation (which explains the vociferous opposition of some special interests), but as economists across the ideological spectrum have demonstrated, freer trade means more jobs, higher economic growth, and improved standards of living.

Defeat of CAFTA will be a great disappointment and a signal that protecting special interests is more important to this Congress than doing what is right for America.  So, we urge you to support the Central America Free Trade Agreement.


National Taxpayers Union
John Berthoud, President

Hampton Roads Taxpayer Coalition
Tricia Stall, Executive Director

American Legislative Exchange Council
Duane Parde, Executive Director
District of Columbia

Kansas Taxpayers Network
Karl Peterjohn, Executive Director

Americans for Prosperity
Michelle Korsmo, Executive Vice President
District of Columbia

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom
Doug Kagan, Chairman

Americans for Tax Reform
Grover Norquist, President
District of Columbia

New York Tax Reform Organization
Fred Lane, Chairman
New York

Anchorage Taxpayers for Responsible Taxation
Eddie Burke, President

Joshua Trevino, President

Arkansas Taxpayers' Rights Committee
Oscar Stilley, Chairman

Republicans United for Tax Relief
James Parmelee, President

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste
Thomas A. Schatz, President
District of Columbia

Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council
Karen Kerrigan, President and CEO
District of Columbia

Citizens Against Higher Taxes
Jim Broussard, Chairman

Taxpayers Association, Inc.
Curtis A. Holmes, President

Family Research Council
Connie Mackey, Vice President of Government Affairs
District of Columbia

Tennessee Tax Revolt, Inc.
Rick Durham, President

Mark Bitz, President
New York

Libertarian Party
Joe Seehusen, National Executive Director
District of Columbia

Matt Kibbe, President and CEO
District of Columbia

United Californians for Tax Reform
Roland Boucher, Chairman

Frontiers of Freedom
George C. Landrith, President

West Virginians Against Government Waste
Henry L. Thaxton, Director
West Virginia