NTU Joins Coalition Calling for Open Amendment Process for Farm Bill

National Taxpayers Union has joined a coalition of 11 free market groups showing support for a strong and robust amendment process during the 2018 Farm Bill debate. With the Farm Bill only coming up every five years, the amendment process is more important than with most legislation. In the letter the signers urge Congress to actively participate in the amendment process, following the absence of an agriculture subcommittee markup with year.

Our coalition letter, organized by The Coalition to Reduce Spending, reads:

“It is crucial that the Rules Committee adopt a rule that allows all voices and ideas to be fully debated and considered on their merits. In the 115th. Congress, numerous pieces of legislation reforming the Farm Bill have been introduced and deserve discussion. The consequences of this bill should not be understated. The last iteration in 2014 carried a ten-year price tag of nearly $960 billion. The Farm Bill simply must be subject to the time and amendment debate required for a full and thorough consideration of all policies and reforms.”

The Farm Bill reaches far beyond the agriculture community, adding to its’ importance. Congress should take this opportunity to actively shape agriculture policy for the next five years.  

To speak with Nan Swift about the Farm Bill, please contact NTU Vice President of Communications Kevin Glass at 703-299-8670 or kglass@ntu.org.

Read the full letter here.