IRS Expansion

Easter has passed and Memorial Day is almost a month away, but we have presents coming to make the time in between worthwhile.  So what is the government planning to give you these fine days of spring? A tax cut? A balanced budget? A new wave of fiscal responsibility? No, ladies and gentleman, President Obama aims at giving you something much better than that—up to 16,000 newly minted IRS agents.  The reason behind the sizeable increase in IRS agents is to accommodate for the expanded role of the IRS the recent government takeover of health care established.  Obama's actions to augment the IRS's workforce demonstrate that, among other things, evidently the current 100,000 IRS employees cannot possibly handle any more work.

Wait, this isn't really what you had in mind to make your life easier?  Well, unless Congress acts quickly to block Obama's expansion, you can forget about that trip to the beach and start breaking out the W-2 forms. 

According to the Congressional Budget Office, this IRS expansion will cost Americans an additional $10 billion.  I don't know about you, but in my opinion, the only thing relating to the IRS that would be worth $10 billion would be getting rid of the agency altogether.  We need our elected officials to stand up and oppose this drastic increase in the size of the IRS.  Luckily for us, Representative Randy Forbes (R-VA) understands that more government bureaucracy is not the answer, and he recently introduced legislation banning this IRS expansion.  Let's step up to the plate and help Congressman Forbes prevent up to 16,000 more bureaucrats from infesting our government.  Call your representative today, and ask them to support the Prevent IRS Overreach Act.