Dear Liberal Blogs: There's no such thing as “Government Dollars”

In the second wave of responses to President Obama’s “You didn’t built that” comment, leading online news outlets sympathetic to the Obama campaign have tried to push back against heavy criticism from the Romney campaign and business owners.

They are attempting to do this by pointing out examples of supposed “hypocrisy” where the GOP, business owners, and alike have made use of something created by so-called “government dollars.”

Like this Gawker headline: “GOP Throwing Obama-Bashing ‘We Built It’ Convention Party Inside Arena Built with Government Dollars”

Never mind the fact that there is no such thing as “government dollars”, there are only “Taxpayer Dollars!”

Gawker refers to the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa Bay as something that was financed by “government dollars.” NTU has been adamantly against taxpayer financing of sports arenas because they are such a rip-off for local taxpayers, though this is not the heart of the dispute in question; which is more about a partisan-driven inability to accept that government cannot create money or wealth, it can only requisition it from hardworking Americans.

The Huffington Post and ThinkProgress are among others who are using this term in the midst of the aftermath of the now infamous “you didn’t build that."

Yet, it is only taxpayers who can rightfully tell these blogs and government: “you didn’t build that arena or road, WE DID!” (And if you didn’t keep driving up the cost of construction we might have gotten a better deal on it.)