Americans Are "Sold" on Cut, Cap and Balance, Not Tax Hikes

by Brandon Greife / /

Earlier thisweek President Obama saidthat the “American people are sold” on tax increases. “I hope [Republicans are]not just listening to lobbyists and special interests…I hope they’re listeningto the American people as well.”

Mr. President are you listening to the American people? Becauseif you were I’d like to think you saw the CNN pollreleased yesterday showing that a strong majority of Americans favor anapproach espoused by the Cut, Cap and Balance Act.

According to the poll, two-thirds of Americans said theysupport a plan in which “Congress would raise the debt ceiling only if abalanced budget amendment were passed by both houses of Congress andsubstantial spending cuts and caps on future spending were approved.” Perhapsmost tellingly, 63 percent of Democrats and 65 percent of independents saidthey approve of such a plan.

The highlight, and keystone, of the Cut, Cap and Balance Act,a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, received even greater support.A whopping 74 percent of Americans favor the idea – including strong majoritiesof both Democrats (66 percent) and independents (76 percent). Moreover, 60percent believe that a balanced budget amendment an absolute necessity to getthe federal budget deficit under control.

Given these numbers, it is clear wherethe people stand – one the side of Cut, Cap and Balance. And yet, SenateMajority Leader Harry Reid called it “some of the worst legislation in thehistory of this country.” (Perhaps he was just upset that the same poll showedthat only 34 percent of Americans favored his own plan to give President Obamaunilateral authority to raise the debt.) To his own discredit, President Obamasaid he is willing to risk default by threatening to veto the plan if it passedthe House and Senate.

Who knew a balanced budget was suchan anathema to so many Democrats?

As the debate over the debt ceilingmoves forward we urge President Obama and Senate Democrats to truly put theirear to the ground and listen to the American people. If they did, they wouldfind that majorities, across all political parties, are “sold” support Cut,Cap, and Balance.