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Publications : Pete Sepp


NTU's Pete Sepp Discussed the Path to Lowering Inflation on NTD

by Pete Sepp July 11, 2024


Taxpayers Deserve the Right Formula for Federal Chemical Policy

by Pete Sepp June 27, 2024


NTU Testimony on Modified Risk Tobacco Products Program Developments

by Pete Sepp June 26, 2024


NTU Urges Caution Ahead of FHFA Hearing

by Pete Sepp June 26, 2024

Policy Paper 

Shaping a Future of Fairness: Proposals to Safeguard and Strengthen Taxpayer Rights

by Pete Sepp, Bryan Hickman June 18, 2024

Policy Paper 

From Lag to Leap: A Roadmap for Successful IRS Modernization

by Pete Sepp, Bryan Hickman June 05, 2024


Prescription Drug Market Needs Thoughtful Reform For Taxpayer Interests

by Pete Sepp May 22, 2024


NTU Welcomes Introduction of Legislation to Reform Math Error Notices

by Pete Sepp May 02, 2024

Press Release 

NTU to House: Taxpayers Benefit from Fiscal Policy Focus, Not Leadership Infighting

by Pete Sepp April 22, 2024


Emergency Appropriations Legislation Contains Significant Concerns for Taxpayers

by Pete Sepp April 19, 2024


Public option bodes ill for Nevada’s taxpayers and its Constitution

by Pete Sepp April 11, 2024


NTU Leads Coalition Letter on Project NextGen

by Pete Sepp April 08, 2024

Press Release 

Texas Taxpayers Have New Concerns over ESG Decision

by Pete Sepp March 25, 2024


Nevada public option is not just bad policy, it’s unconstitutional

by Pete Sepp, Robin Titus March 09, 2024