Publications : Presidential Pay & Perks

Issue Brief 

Post-Presidential Perks Subsidizing Millionaires

by Demian Brady August 02, 2018


Former Presidents No Longer Need Taxpayers to Give Them Millions of Dollars

October 06, 2017


$6 Million in Flight Costs for President Obama’s Final Trip: Likely Just the Tip of the Iceberg

by Demian Brady November 22, 2016


The Costs When Presidents Travel for Campaign Activities: An Update

by Demian Brady November 14, 2016


Taxpayers on Hook for up to $404K as Air Force One Used for Travel to Campaign Event

by Demian Brady July 05, 2016


President Obama Visits Canada for His 47th Trip Abroad

by Demian Brady June 29, 2016

Taxpayer's Tab 

Up in the Air: The President's Trip to Vietnam & Japan

by Demian Brady May 27, 2016


Obama’s Kenya Flights Cost $6 Million, Tie Him for Most Total International Trips

by Douglas Kellogg July 28, 2015


It Costs $206,377 to Fly Air Force One

by Michael Tasselmyer February 24, 2015


Latest Taxpayer's Tab: Presidential Travel and BillTally Updates

by Michael Tasselmyer February 01, 2015


Presidential Travel Update: Obama Heads to India

by Michael Tasselmyer January 26, 2015


Latest Taxpayer's Tab: Travel Update & New Senate Analysis

by Michael Tasselmyer November 16, 2014

Taxpayer's Tab 

Taxpayer's Tab: Happy Independence Day!

July 03, 2014

Taxpayer's Tab 

Taxpayer's Tab: The President's Coming to Town on Your Dime

by Dan Barrett June 19, 2014