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Open Letter to the House and Senate: Reduce Spending on Long Range Anti-Ship Missile


As organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Americans committed to fiscal responsibility, we believe that it is more imperative than ever that you carefully balance our nation’s need to have the world’s strongest military with strong fiscal policy. This requires a careful assessment of all proposed spending in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 (NDAA).  One particular item that is cause for taxpayer concern is the President’s $202.9 million request for an offensive anti-surface warfare weapon development program, which is often referred to as the Long Range Anti-ship Missile (LRASM). (click to read more)

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10 Bi-Partisan “No-Brainer” Bills Congress Should Pass

by Nan Swift / /

The 113th Congress is about to return from summer recess, and if you believe the hype that this is a "do-nothing" Congress, perhaps you aren't expecting much. Whether that's a fair moniker or not, Congress could do much to dispel it by passing some of the
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