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Urgent! Help Stop Harry Reid's Internet Tax Hike

by Nan Swift / /

In case you haven’t heard, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to ram a controversial Internet sales tax bill through the Senate. The bill could come to the floor at any time! It is very important that we stop this abuse of power and urge Senators to oppose the so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act" (MFA).

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Anyone who remembers their history will recall that the institution of the Senate was born out of the “Great Compromise” by the framers of our Constitution. James Madison described the Senate as a “necessary fence” against “fickleness and passion.” What is happening in Washington today is a far cry from that noble vision.

Instead, the Senate is preparing to take up a bill that would undo essential taxation principles and expose America’s taxpayers to predatory state revenue administration tactics. By allowing state tax enforcers to demand sales taxes from businesses outside their borders, the unfair MFA would heap heavy burdens on small businesses and hinder tax competition among the states.

Clearly, legislation with such broad-reaching consequences and the capacity to inflict widespread harm should be fully considered via committees and hearings with time for public input – not hastily muscled over the finish line.

Want to learn more about the MFA? Here are some great resources:

If the Marketplace Fairness Act was such a good deal for taxpayers, there would be no need for the underhanded tactics Senator Reid is using. We need to stand up to his legislative bullying. Your urgent help is needed! 

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