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The Nation Remembers Milton Friedman

by Dan Barrett / /

One of the best parts about this year's Milton Friedman Legacy Day was reading all of the comments that taxpayers left on our special online voting page. Along with asking folks to vote on which fundamental tax reform they want, NTU Foundation provided a space for respondents to talk about why Milton Friedman's teachings are still vital and what specifics he brought to the world that they liked. Here are a few:

"The videos he created to teach even the most complex issues of economics and the economy in ways that everybody could understand." –JJ, Ohio

"... His contention that free enterprise will allocate resources better than any central planners. One's self interest is not an evil thing, but the natural motivator of man." –Roger B, Michigan

"His glasses." – Daniel M, Texas

"His PBS series Free to Choose changed the way I think about economics and freedom." – Robert S, Indiana

"Friedman pushed for school choice and vouchers so that you can send your children to the best school and the school of your choice rather than the public school you are assigned.  The money goes with the child and not to the school.  Giving parents the choice to select the best schools for their children would improve education and provide competition among schools.  Educational freedom is a win-win for everyone." –Mary A, Florida

"His emphasis on free-enterprise: 'The only way that has ever been discovered to have a lot of people cooperate together voluntarily is through the free market. And that's why it's so essential to preserving individual freedom.' Milton Friedman" –Ted B, Washington

"Mr. Friedman was a deep thinker, whose thinking produced positive, logical, meaningful results." –Charles R, Oklahoma

"[His] open discussions on variants of taxing systems has opened the eyes of millions of previously uninformed people. So many have only believed that what we currently have is all there is in the world when it is relatively new in our Country's history. We CAN change an unfair system into a workable & sustainable modern system that ensures ALL have some vested interest in our future as a Country." –Jeff M, Florida

"Wherever practical, people should be free to choose for themselves." –John R, California

Thanks to everyone who send us their votes and thoughts on Friedman! The winners of the $50 iTunes gift cards will be announced shortly.