Government Bytes


The Late Edition: September 11, 2012


Today’s Taxpayers News!

NTU’s Pete Sepp wrote a piece for The Hill commending the Senate Appropriations Committee’s decision to direct funding towards the SM-3 missile defense program known as Block IB. This program would be ready for use earlier than the second option, Block IIB; and is a less costly, but proven, option.

On November 6th Californians will vote on a ballot measure, “Proposition 30”, which would increase sales taxes by one-fourth of a cent and add a surcharge to those with incomes exceeding $250,000 a year. 

Asserting that California’s fiscal recovery is imperative in order for the rest of the nation to pull out of the economic downturn, the US Chamber of Commerce has revealed its California Jobs and Growth Agenda; which offers the Golden State real solutions for balancing its budget and revitalizing its economy.