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The Late Edition: October 24, 2013

by Curtis Kalin / /

Today’s Taxpayer News!

Common glitches: Amid the Obamacare website’s problematic rollout, Commentary Magazine shows how government websites are notoriously glitchy and prone to tech errors. The best example was the Defense Travel System that cost taxpayers over $500 million beginning in the 1990’s on through the mid-2000’s. The problem, they say, is how the government handles contracting.

Tax credit fraud: The Washington Examiner has found over the last 10 years the IRS has allowed more than $13 billion in bogus claims to pass through their system under the Earned Income Tax Credit. The credit is intended to help the working poor, but has grown into a way to cheat the tax code. Last year Congress hiked the fine for tax preparers who engage in this scheme.

Pay for protest: Nevada union protests have been costing Las Vegas area taxpayers $2,600 per protest to maintain a police presence. The Culinary Union’s protests started on August 17 and have cost taxpayers $93,600 to date and have featured members shouting insults at tourists who enter buildings. Read more on Watchdog Wire.