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The Late Edition: November 4, 2013

by Curtis Kalin / /

Today’s Taxpayer News!

Costly skies: The state of Illinois spends more than $4 million a year flying state officials from Chicago to Springfield. An investigation by Fox 32 Chicago found that almost half of all flights have four or less passengers aboard, wasting the estimated $3,000 per flight cost.

Welfare waste: Beneficiaries of Tennessee’s welfare program have used state issued Electronic Benefit Transfer cards on outlandish expenses, state records show. Funds were used on liquor, cafes, electronics, and even theatre tickets in Memphis.  Read more at WMCTV.

Unspent funds: The Department of Labor’s Navajo Nation educational program has grossly mismanaged taxpayer funds even as thousands wait for job training. A federal investigation showed that the program failed to spend $13.4 million while only serving 62 percent of its expected participants. More details at the Washington Times.