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Profiles in Liberty: Sam Jordan

by Dan Barrett / /

For a week, summer interns have been working hard in the NTUF research and communications departments to bring the latest information to Americans. The Profiles in Liberty series will show the faces behind the work that makes it to NTUF’s Taxpayer’s Tab e-newsletter, the Government Bytes blog, and the comprehensive BillTally reports. First up is communications intern Sam Jordan!

NTUF Communications Intern Sam JordanSam has been writing for Government Bytes, creating graphics, and researching current events.  She grew up in Salina, Kansas, and currently attends George Mason University, where she is majoring in Economics with a minor in Russian and Eurasian Studies.  At GMU, she is heavily involved in the Forensics Team (a competitive speech team), lending her communications and leadership skills as an executive board member and tournament director.

What has been your favorite part of living and working in the DC area?

SJ: I feel very connected and involved in current events working and living in the D.C. area. I have most enjoyed the opportunity to network with people my age who also have a strong conviction to pursue careers in the liberty movement.

Who are your personal heroes?

SJ: My parents. My dad is the best leader I know and first introduced me to the liberty movement. My mother, a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, showed me through her own actions that I could become anything I wanted to be if I worked hard.

How did you become interested in politics?

SJ: I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and became passionate about individual liberty.

What projects have you been working on while at NTUF so far?

SJ: In the brief time that I have spent at NTUF, I have already composed two blog posts. The first, “The Curious Case of Whistleblower Kevin Downing,” reported on the retaliation whistleblower Kevin Downing experienced from the Department of Labor after he discovered wasteful governmental spending. The second post, “Olympic-Size Spending”, reports on the possible impact to all taxpayers if Washington, D.C. hosts the Olympic Games in 2024.  Additionally, I have been working to create graphics which will be used to help communicate the Foundation’s research.   

What have you learned that has most interested you while working for NTUF so far?

SJ: I find it interesting how bipartisan some issues are. Both sides of the aisle have well-developed ideas to reform the tax system and the federal budget process. The difficulty is in aligning those different reforms into a plan most can agree on.

Why did you choose to work at NTUF?

SJ: I chose to work at NTUF because I am very interested in having a career in the liberty movement. National Taxpayers Union Foundation is committed to educating citizens about how tax policies and spending programs affect their future.  By working for NTUF, not only will I learn more about the tax code, but I will also gain the relevant experience necessary for applying my degree in Economics to real life.

Stay tuned to Government Bytes to see more of Sam’s work!

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Thanks to Catherine Fitzhugh for developing the Profiles in Liberty series and interviewing our interns.