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NTUF Mitt Romney Proposal Breakdown

by Dan Barrett / /

With mere hours to go before the final Presidential debate at 9 p.m., consider the budgetary proposals the National Taxpayers Union Foundation compiled on Mitt Romney during the GOP Primaries (totals are annualized and indicate changes in current spending):

Economy, Transportation, Infrastructure: -$4.3 billion (savings)

  • Repeal Dodd-Frank Act: -$4.3 billion
  • Reform Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Unknown
  • Create Trans-Pacific Trading Partnership: Unknown
  • Create Reagan Economic Zone: Unknown
  • Initiate More Customs Enforcement: Unknown
  • Challenge Unfair Trade Practices: Unknown
  • Create Personal Reemployment Accounts: Unknown

Energy, Agriculture, Environment: Unknown

  • Conduct Domestic Energy Survey and Expedite Leasing: Unknown
  • Reform Environmental Laws: Unknown
  • Reform Environmental Regulations: Unknown
  • Reform Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Unknown

Federal Government Reform: -$383.409 billion (savings)

  • Block-Grant Federal Programs: Unknown
  • Reduce Non-Security Discretionary Spending: -$22.807 billion
  • Cap Spending at 20 percent of Gross Domestic Product: -$340.383 billion
  • Curb Waste, Fraud, and Abuse: Unknown
  • Consolidate Federal Training Programs: -$300 million
  • Eliminate Amtrak: -$1.34 billion
  • Eliminate Other Programs: -$760 million
  • Reduce Federal Workforce: -$6.919 billion
  • Limit Federal Pay and Benefits: Unknown
  • Adopt Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act: Unknown
  • Repeal Davis-Bacon Act: -$10.9 billion

Health Care: -$136.098 billion (savings)

  • Repeal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: -$40.6 billion*
  • Block-Grant Medicaid Funding: -$93.45 billion
  • Expand Tax Deductibility: Unknown
  • Purchase Insurance Across State Lines: $65 million
  • Create Small Business Purchasing Pools: $7 million
  • Reform Medical Malpractice: -$2.42 billion
  • Health Savings Accounts: Unknown

Homeland Security, Law Enforcement: Unknown

  • Create Joint Hemispheric Task Force: Unknown
  • Combat Drug Cartels: Unknown
  • Complete Border Fence: Unknown
  • Simplify Congressional Reporting for Department of Homeland Security: Unknown

National Security, International Relations: $170.802 billion

  • Expand Naval Capabilities in the Pacific: Unknown
  • Maintain Defense Spending at 4 Percent of Gross Domestic Product: $170.802 billion
  • Support Civil Society Groups in China: Unknown
  • Support Civil Society in Russia: Unknown
  • Cooperate on Israel Security: Unknown
  • Support “Arab Spring” Governments: Unknown
  • Increase Enforcement of the Proliferation Security Initiative: Unknown
  • Reorganize Diplomatic and Assistance Efforts in the Middle East: Unknown
  • Prevent Cyber-Attacks: Unknown

Net Total: -$353.005 billion (savings)

Total Number of Identified Proposals: 42

  • Number of Spending Increase Proposals: 3
  • Number of Spending Decrease Proposals: 11
  • Number of Unknown Spending Effects Proposals: 28 (66.6% of all proposals)

* NTUF has updated this estimate to a $63.9 billion annual savings (Source: Repealing "Obamacare": A Look Beyond the Media’s Misguided Deficit Focus, National Taxpayers Union Foundation, Issue Brief 164, July 2012)