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Graph: Cost of Tax Complexity Making Dangerous Spike Upward


NTU has released our 15th annual study of tax complexity “A Taxing Trend” (which you can read HERE)! Taking a look at the past few studies, we put together the graphs below, which reveal a disconnect between the two major complexity indicators over the past few years, and that’s not a good thing!

Since 2006, NTU has calculated a total cost for our tax complexity burden, based off of the hours demanded by paperwork and out of pocket costs like assistance from people who are actually capable of doing your taxes.

Check out our graphs below and you can see that the hour burden is shifting relatively gradually, though it remains high. On the other hand, the bottom line cost of dealing with the tax code is shooting up. When you stop and realize the majority of “Obamacare” tax provisions are coming over the next year…Well, signs point to this costly complexity trend taxing our health and sanity even more in the years to come.