Repeal IPAB Before It’s Too Late!



The Independent Payment Advisory Board - or IPAB - is one of the most harmful Obamacare provisions. The “Affordable” Care Act gave enormous powers to this unaccountable panel. Based on past experience, IPAB’s price controls could lead to scarcity, health care rationing, and spikes in the cost of other forms of medical care. This would mean longer wait times, fewer doctors, and a reduction in treatment options. At the same time, IPAB’s ability to issue decisions with very few checks and balances makes it very hard for Congress to propose smarter reforms to Medicare that could benefit taxpayers without hurting patients.

It’s true that Medicare has serious fiscal problems. Price fixing won’t address the spending crisis Medicare - and the taxpayers, who will ultimately foot the bill - are facing. Congress needs to step up and get behind real solutions that puts Medicare back on a sustainable path.

As the to-do list piles up, Congress needs to hear that repealing IPAB should be a top priority.


Open Letter to Congress: Immediate Action Required to Address IPAB Threat