Gov. Scott Walker Joins NTU As Senior Advisor

National Taxpayers Union is proud to announce that Scott Walker, two-term governor of Wisconsin, will be joining the organization as a senior advisor. Gov. Walker’s dedication to the principle that government must be accountable to those who pay its bills makes him the perfect addition to the NTU team. 

“I’m thrilled to work with the National Taxpayers Union,” Walker said. “Throughout its fifty-year history, NTU has been one of the most successful and effective taxpayer advocacy organizations, and my experience working with them both in and out of government has shown their commitment to taxpayers all across the country.”

Walker has served in the Wisconsin State Assembly and as the Milwaukee County Executive in addition to his two terms as governor. During his time as governor, Walker achieved a number of victories for taxpayers, including a $500 million tax cut, consistent and responsible budgeting, and making sure that public-sector unions’ demands were not a drain on Wisconsin taxpayers. He promised fiscal responsibility to taxpayers and, unlike most politicians, delivered on that promise.

“Governor Walker will make an excellent addition to the NTU team,” said Pete Sepp, President of the National Taxpayers Union. “Fiscal responsibility is what every elected official owes to taxpayers. NTU supported and admired many of Governor Walker’s fiscal policy achievements during his time in office, and we stand to benefit from his experience and expertise in fighting for taxpayers now and into the future.

Walker joins an NTU team that recently added former Wisconsin state senator Leah Vukmir to its state affairs operation. 

“NTU’s work on behalf of taxpayers has resulted in countless victories, and I’m excited to get to work advancing this important cause,” Walker said.