Give Floridians a Break: Cut Taxes on TV and Cell Phones

by Brandon Arnold / /

On behalf of National Taxpayers Union's members in Florida, I am writing in support of much-needed tax relief for the residents of the Sunshine State.
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Representative Hastings Wants a Pay Raise

by Demian Brady / /

Congressional pay is in the news again. Under current law, the base salary for Members of Congress is $174,000. Representatives and Senators are eligible for an automatic annual salary adjustment based on changes in the government's Employment Cost Index.
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NTU Congratulates Florida on Telecommunications Tax Cut

by Elizabeth Dolan / /

The National Taxpayers Union (NTU) would like to congratulate Florida taxpayers on a very deserving triumph. Earlier this week, Florida lawmakers overwhelmingly approved a plan that will lower cable, satellite television and wireless phone taxes. HB33A de
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