About Government Bytes

What do you hate about big government? Babbling bureaucrats and IRS agents? Pork-barrel spending scams? Entitlement programs that either create dependency or threaten to bankrupt future generations? Regulations written in drivel-speak that make life miserable? Local politicians who dream up "fees" for government services you've already paid for? We hear you. That's why the National Taxpayers Union created Government Bytes. This is your blogspot for fiscal issues -- any size, anywhere, all the time. Our hard-charging staff digs up the freshest facts on taxes, government spending, abuse of power, and anything else that takes a bite out of our freedom to strive and thrive. But we're not just here to complain about what our government is doing to us. We want to change the way leaders act with our money and the power we've given them. Tax reform, constitutional budget limits, ballot measures to stop tax hikes, recall petitions, privatizing government agencies -- it's all on the table here.