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    Who Pays Income Taxes?

    State of the Union Analyses

    *Historically Presidents do not give State of the Union addresses their first year in office.

    Check out past State of the Union Address spending studies here.

    President's Proposed Budget Analyses

    ​For more information on NTUF's budget studies, go to our analysis archive.

    International Presidential Travel Cost Analyses

    For all of NTUF's research and updates on the costs of Presidential travel, check out our archive.

    Tax System Complexity Studies

    Check out all of the reports by NTU and NTU Foundation at our study archive.

    Candidate Spending Proposal Studies

    Presidential Campaigns

    Senate Campaigns



    New Hampshire

    North Carolina


    Check out other Presidential and Senate studies here.


    • Current Data: The BillTally Homepage and Resources pages offer detailed data breakdowns of the spending agendas and bills in the House and Senate. 
    • Historical Data: The BillTally Archive page allows you to review previous BillTally reports, which include proposed spending agendas of both chambers and parties as well as detailed commentary of how Congress' measures can, could, and will affect public spending and taxpayers.
    • Previous State Data: In the previous Congress, NTUF analyzed some state delegations (similar to the pages provided through the map above) in the BillTally State page. Check to see if we summarized your state's Senators and Representatives, using BillTally data.


    • Download Members sorted by net spending agenda