NTU represents over 1,150 Alaskan taxpayers in the fight for responsible government and low taxes. Thanks to the luxury of mountains of oil revenue, Alaska is in many respects a model for other states in terms of tax policy. It levies no personal income tax nor statewide sales tax. Its gasoline tax is the lowest in the nation. However, Alaska could use some work in the area of “sin taxes,” as it levies one of the country’s highest cigarette taxes. This is problematic as cigarette tax revenue tends to decline over time, leaving less revenue for ongoing spending priorities and ultimately leading to further tax increases. Alaska is also a heavily unionized state, thanks to its lack of a Right to Work law. NTU will continue to tackle these issues in 2010 and beyond. Be sure to check back to NTU’s Alaska page often for information on state and local taxpayer groups, links to our work on behalf of taxpayers in the state, and contact information for your lawmakers.


Every year NTU rates U.S. Representatives and Senators on their actual votes- every vote that affects taxes, spending, and debt.



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