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Rush Holt
112th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$1,252,058$0$1,252,058
Rush Holt
112th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$1,385,317-$13,343$1,371,974
Rush Holt
111th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$1,393,053-$8,453$1,384,600
Rush Holt
113th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$1,408,124-$16,359$1,391,765
Rush Holt
107th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$73,025-$1,247$71,778
Rush Holt
109th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$109,828-$134$109,694
Rush Holt
108th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$136,330-$8$136,322
Rush Holt
107th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$92,293-$1,247$91,046
Rush Holt
109th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$205,125-$134$204,991
Rush Holt
110th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$113,713-$1,667$112,046
Rush Holt
108th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$301,439-$212$301,227
Rush Holt
111th Congress, 1st session
New Jersey$1,298,679-$8,450$1,290,229
Rush Holt
110th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$1,441,295-$1,669$1,439,626


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