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John Rockefeller
112th Congress, 1st Session
West Virginia$31,816-$10,008$21,808
John Rockefeller
113th Congress, 1st Session
West Virginia$26,583-$8,059$18,524
John Rockefeller
112th Congress, Complete
West Virginia$38,774-$8,740$30,034
John Rockefeller
111th Congress, Complete
West Virginia$143,168-$108$143,060
John Rockefeller
107th Congress, 1st Session
West Virginia$739,783$0$739,783
John Rockefeller
109th Congress, 1st Session
West Virginia$128,173-$3$128,170
Jay Rockefeller
110th Congress, 1st Session
West Virginia$83,861-$61$83,800
John Rockefeller
108th Congress, 1st Session
West Virginia$614,317$0$614,317
John Rockefeller
109th Congress, Complete
West Virginia$181,215-$126$181,089
John Rockefeller
107th Congress, Complete
West Virginia$823,027$0$823,027
Jay Rockefeller
111th Congress, 1st session
West Virginia$89,458-$108$89,350
Jay Rockefeller
110th Congress, Complete
West Virginia$167,363-$61$167,302
John Rockefeller
108th Congress, Complete
West Virginia$230,628-$47$230,581


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